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Treasure Island - 1972 - DVD


Pay heed, good mates. Let nary a mother's son speak of the treasure map bestowed upon cabin boy Jim Hawkins. Be as silent as the grave. To the plank if ye as much as breath a word to that peg-legged seadog known as Long John Silver. 

The ideal match of larger-than-life role and a legendary actor, this lavish 1972 version of Robert Louis Stevenson's adventure classic stars Orson Welles as Silver, swaggering and conniving in grand skull-'n'-bones tradition. The end always justifies the means for boisterous Silver, so he'll be both friend and foe to wide-eyed Jim (Kim Burfield) before this tale ends. But also know this, me hearties: young Jim has clever ways of his own. 

Orson Welles as Long John Silver
Kim Burfield as Jim Hawkins
Lionel Stander as Billy Bones
Walter Slezak as Squire Trelawney

Director: John Hough

Format: DVD
Year: 1972
Genre: Adventure, Family
Run Time: 1hr 35min
Rating: N/A

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