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The Authentic Gilbert & Sullivan Songbook


Who can say these words without singing them? Immediately they call to mind the unique sights and sounds of that amusing, whimsical, wonderfully high-spirited and very special world that only Gilbert and Sullivan created. This collection of 92 songs includes selections from all the operas - from their first collaboration, Thespis (1871), whose score has been lost except for two numbers, to their last work together, The Grand Duke (1896). It is most complete and authentic anthology of Gilbert and Sullivan currently available. 

The songs are reproduced as Sullivan meant them to be. All the numbers in this collection - solos, choruses, patter songs, ballads, etc. - are presented uncut and unedited, in their original keys, and in piano arrangements authorized by Sullivan himself! Besides such well-known pieces as "I'm called little Buttercup" (from HMS Pinafore), "Three little maids" (The Mikado), "When the foeman bares his steel" (The Pirates of Penzance), "I have a song to sing, O!" (The Yeomen of the Guard), and many others; the selection includes songs, less well known, perhaps, but just as fine - like "Welcome, joy! Adieu to sadness!" (The Sorcerer), "Expressive glances" (Princess Ida), "I once was a very abandoned person" (Ruddigore). Lively plot synopses for each opera show where each selection fits into the story. Tow drawings by Gilbert and a caricature of Gilbert and Sullivan from Punch are included. 

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