More Lost Massey Lectures (Massey Lecture Series)


Title: More Lost Massey Lectures: Recovered Classics from Five Great Thinkers

Barbara Ward
Frank H. Underhill
George Grant
Claude Lévi-Strauss
Willy Brandt

Introduction by Bernie Lucht

After the massive success of The Lost Massey Lectures comes a second astounding collection, recovering the voices of five timeless and prophetic thinkers. More Lost Massey Lectures features:

- Economist and environmentalist Barbara Ward, in the very first Massey Lecture, on the origins and predicament of developing countries in The Rich Nations and the Poor Nations;

- Historian, social critic, and political thinker Frank H. Underhill on nationhood and the deficiencies of the Canadian constitution in The Image of Confederation

- Political philosopher George Grant on the worsening predicament of the West through an examination of the through of Friedrich Nietzsche in Time as History

- Social anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss on the nature and role of myth in human history in Myth and Meaning;

- Nobel Peace Prize recipient Willy Brandt on working toward a more just international order in Dangers & Options: The Matter of World Survival.

These renowned lectures are not only historically significant, they remain hugely relevant to the problems we face today. 

Bernie Lucht has been the executive producer of CBC Radio's Ideas and the Massey Lectures since 1984.

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