Molière - 2007 - DVD


Bubbling with wit, stellar performances and lavish cinematography, Molière stars multi-César nominated French actor Romain Duris as Molière, a down-and-out actor-cum-playwright up to his ears in debt. When the wealthy Jourdain (César-winner Fabrice Luchini) offers to cover that debt so that Molière's theatrical talents might help Jourdain win the heart of a certain widowed marquise, hilarity ensues. Disguised as a priest, Molière becomes a guest in Jourdain's palace on the subtext of teaching Jourdain the craft of the stage, which annoys Jourdain's wife, Elmire. But, soon after , the confrontation between Elmire and Molière turns seductive. Too busy to notice, Jourdain enlists the aid of a well-connected and scheming acquaintance to help him pursue the widowed marquise. Romantic yearning, human foibles and laughs galore all  characterize Molière, a delightful film that slyly captures your heart. 

Romain Duris as Jean-Baptiste Poquelin
Fabric Luchini as M. Jourdain
Laura Morante as Elmire Jourdain

Director: Laurent Tirard

Format: DVD
Year: 2007
Genre: Comedy, History
Run Time: 2hr 1min
Rating: N/A

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