Elizabeth Rex - 2000 - DVD


William Shakespeare and his company of actors are brought together with the formidable Queen Elizabeth I in a remarkable encounter on the night of April 22, 1616, hours before the execution of Elizabeth's former lover, Essex. Through the course of the evening, actor, Ned Lowenscroft, famous for his female roles in Shakespeare's plays, very touchingly teaches the Queen to be more of a woman, while the Queen helps Ned to be more of a man. Part history lesson, part theatrical insight, the play is a beautifully crafted Shakespeare-like work with poignant reflections on grief, love, friendship and art. 

Diane D'Aquilla as Elizabeth I 
Peter Hutt as William Shakespeare
Brent Carver as Ned Lowenscroft

Director: Barbara Willis Sweete

Format: DVD
Year: 2000
Genre: Drama
Run-Time: 92 minutes
Rating: N/A

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