Tommy - 1975 - DVD

"... there has never been a move musical quite like 'Tommy,' a weird, crazy wonderfully excesive version of The Who's rock opera"

This classic rock opera is brought energetically to life by an outstanding cast including many stars of the rock music industry. Told through the remarkable music of The Who, this is the story of Tommy, who, when just a boy of six, witnessed the murder of his father by his mother and her lover. They command him, "You didn't hear it, you didn't see it, and you won't say anything to anyone..." As a result, the traumatized boy retreats into the shadows of his mind and becomes deaf, dumb and blind. Growing into manhood, Tommy is subjected to several bizarre cure attempts by the Acid Queen, the Preacher, and the Specialist. In spite of his handicap, Tommy defeats the Pinball Wizard and becomes the champt, attaining a devoted following. When he is finally cured, he is hailed by his fans as a "Messiah."

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