Shakespeare: The King's Man - 2012 - DVD

King James I, King of England and Scotland, had the bad luck to succeed one of the most popular monarchs in British history, and yet his first decade on the English throne, from 1603 to 1613, marks a period arguably unsurpassed in British culture. It was an age of bold geographical imagination and exploration, You could throw a rock in London's crammed streets and probably hit a major writer. The downplaying of this huge cultural activity even extends to the great genius himself, for literary historians have tended to label Shakespeare as an Elizabethan rather than a Jacobean writer. In this landmark reassessment of the first Jacobean decade and Shakespeare's career, the leading American scholar James Shapiro, brings back to life a strangely neglected period in Britain's cultural and political history and reveals Shakespeare as its brightest star, his works providing the keenest of insights into this moment.

2-disc set

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