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Playing Shakespeare - 1982 - DVD

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Accesssible for anyone with an interest in Shakespeare, students and seasoned theatregoers alike, this is a rare opportunity to see the finest actors of their time work in a series of masterclasses filmed for television, on the intricacies and balances of Playing Shakespeare.

In 1982, John Barton, Associate Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, gathered many of the finest British actors of their generation in one rehearsal room. Their aim was to grapple with the work of Shakespeare - to wrestle with its meaning, its poetry, its language. To examine the way that sentences are constructed so as to guide the actor. The way in which the drama of the written word is best conveyed to an audience.

It makes for a gripping, insightful and powerful work of theatre in its own right - harnessing the expertise of this master of Shakespeare's work at the height of his craft, inviting the viewer into this intimate and exposing space as he works with the living instruments that will bring these works to life.

The results are unforgettable. And whether you are an actor or a member of the audience, the lessons to be learned will change the way you practice or experience Shakespeare's work.

Starring: John Barton, Judi Dench, Ben Kingsley, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart

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