Coriolanus - 2010 - Blu-Ray


Caius Martius "Coriolanus", a revered and feared Roman General is at odds with the city of Rome and his fellow citizens. Pushed by his controlling and ambitious mother Volumnia to seek the exalted and powerful position of Consul, he is loath to ingratiate himself with the masses whose voteshe needs in order to secure the office. When the public refuses to support him, Copriolanus' anger prompts a riot that culminates in his expulsion from Rome. The banished hero then allies himself with his sworm enemy Tullus Aufidius to take his revenge on the city.

Ralph Fiennes as Caius Martius Coriolanus
Gerard Butler as Tullus Aufidius
Vanessa Redgrave as Volumnia
Brian Cox as Menenius
Jessica Chastain as Virgilia
James Nesbitt as Tribune Sicinius

Director: Ralph Fiennes

Format: Blu-Ray
Year: 2010
Genre: Drama, Thriller, War
Run Time: 2hr 3min
Rating: R

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