Tempest -1982 - DVD

CBC Television presented this 1982 Stratford production, especially staged for television. With this production, audiences across the country have a front-row seat to experience some of Canada’s finest theatre, including Richard Monette as Sebastian.

Described as Shakespeare’s crowning achievement and often considered his farewell to his art, The Tempest is a sparkling mosaic of poetry and music, magic and evil, and love and death.

Shakespeare's The Tempest, the mystical, airy play responsible for the romantic image of two lovers playing chess, tells the tale of an exiled Duke and his daughter marooned on the sandy, idyllic, mysterious shores of Prospero's island paradise. Banished there by his treacherous brother Sebastian, Prospero has learned his island prison's many secrets, notably how to conjure up illusions and how to use magic. When a ship carrying Prospero's enemies falls into his grasp, Prospero uses his magic to create a terrible storm bringing his oppressors to his island prison. Full of a mysticism seldom seen in Shakespeare's plays, The Tempest, the Bard's last play, features a party attended by gods, talks with fairies, and the romance of Prospero's daughter Miranda and Fernando.

Len Cariou-Prospero
Colin Fox-Antonio
Sharry Flett-Miranda
Miles Potter-Caliban
Jim Mezon-Ferdinand
Ian Deakin-Ariel
Richard Monette-Sebastian