Taming Of The Shrew - 1988 - DVD

The Taming Of The Shrew Stratford Shakespeare Festival production 1988.

With Goldie Semple as Katherina and Colm Feore as Petruchio, Richard Monette's rollicking Stratford treatment is set in a colourful Italy of the 1950's. Colm Feore depicts Petruchio as a swaggering leather-jacketed street bandit who roars up to marry Kate (Goldie Semple) on a sporty Lambretta.

As raucous and rousing as an Italian wine festival, Shakespeare's favorite battle of the sexes has returned into a party where wits and willpower do contest, but the final victor is the belly-laugh.

Henry Czerny - Lucentio
Keith Dinicol - Grumio
Colm Feore - Petruchio
Goldie Semple - Katherina
Scott Wentworth - Tranio
Geraint Wyn Davies - Hortensio

Directed By - Richard Monette
Produced and Directed By - Norman Campbell
Designed By - Debra Hanson