Twelfth Night - 1980 - DVD

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them"

With practical jokes, poetry and haunting songs, this is the most subtle of Shakespeare's comedies. In an aristocratic country house, we see the infatuation of Orsino, the devoted loyalty of Viola, the selfless friendship of Antonio and the self love of the ambitious Malvolio.

Shakespeare is rightly considered the world's greatest playwright for the soaring beauty of his language, for his profound insight into human nature, for the truths he dramatized and for the realism of the characters he created. He was and remains a superb entertainer.

Featuring some of Britain's most distinguished talent, these DVDs are ideal for libraries, educational purposes and continuing personal enjoyment. Ambrose Video, has digitally restored the masters (which are over 20 years old) for the best DVD viewing expereince possible.

Cast: Alec McCowen, Trevor Peacock, Felicity Kendall

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