Antony & Cleopatra - 1981 - DVD


After the murder of her lover Caesar, Egypt's queen Cleopatra needs a new ally. She seduces his probable successor Marc Antony. This develops into real love and slowly leads to a war with the other possible successor - Octavius.

About BBC Shakespeare: In 1978, the BBC set itself the task of filming all of William Shakespeare's plays for television. The resulting productions, renowned for their loyalty to the text, utilised the best theatrical and television directors and brought highly praised performances from leading contemporary actors.

Colin Blakely as Antony
Jane Lapotaire as Cleopatra
Ian Charleson as Octavius Caesar

Director: Jonathan Miller

Format: DVD
Year: 1981
Genre: Drama, History, Romance, Shakespeare
Run Time: 2hr 50 min
Rating: N/A

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