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Lee Siegel - Where's the Orchestra

Artist: Lee Siegel
Title:Where's the Orchestra
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Jazz/Vocals

Track Listing:
1. Where's the Orchestra 2:24
2. Tomorrow 2:19
3. Here I Stand 3:22
4. Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over) 2:42
5. So Far Away 3:11
6. But the World Goes 'round 3:06
7. Where Did Our Love Go 3:13
8. Change 2:53
9. Words He Doesn't Say 3:16
10. You Send Me 3:37
11. Unusual Way 2:39
12. Azure Te 3:21

One voice, One piano, tackling the sounds of Motown, Jazz, & Broadway. - Lee brings together songs about relationships, love and tunes that have inspired him.

This is Lee's debut album. Where's The Orchestra is an album of mixed styles, featuring Jazz, Musical Theatre and Motown. Stripping music down to the bare bones of piano and voice, Broadway and Stratford Festival performer: Lee Siegel brings his voice to CD for the first time, accompanied by the talented Konrad Pluta. Lee shares songs that have had an impact to his life over the years.

Lee has been in many productions at the Stratford Festival over the years, including Jesus Christ Superstar, Tommy, and Fiddler on the Roof.


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