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Tommy - 1993 Original Cast Recording

Original 1993 Cast Recording

Music and Lyrics by Pete Townshend
Book by Des McAnuff

A rock musical based on The Who's 1969 album, Tommy.

Story: After witnessing his father commit murder, Tommy is traumatized into catatonia. As an adolescent, he discovers a natural knack for pinball, and when his breaking through his catatonia, becomes an international pinball superstar.

Disc 1.
1. Overture
2. Captain Walker
3. It's a Boy
4. We've Won
5. Twenty-One
6. Amazing Journey
7. Courtroom Scene (Dialogue)
8. Sparks
9. Amazing Journey (Reprise)
10. Christmas/See Me, Feel Me
11. Do You Think It's Alright
12. Fiddle About
13. See Me, Feel Me (Reprise)
14. Cousin Kevin
15. Sensation
16. Sparks (Reprise)
17. Eyesight To the Blind
18. Acid Queen
19. Pinball Wizard

Disc 2.
1. Underture (Entr'acte)
2. It's a Boy (Reprise)/There's a Doctor
3. Go To the Mirror/Listening To You
4. Tommy, Can You Hear Me?
5. I Believe My Own Eyes
6. Smash the Mirror
7. I'm Free
8. Streets of London 1961-63
9. Sensation (Reprise)
10. I'm Free/Pinball Wizard (Reprise)
11. Tommy's Holiday Camp
12. Sally Simpson
13. Welcome
14. Sally Simpson's Question
15. We're Not Gonna Take It
16. See Me, Feel Me (Reprise)/Listening To You (Reprise)

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