Silk Stockings - 1955 Broadway Cast Recording

Original 1955 Broadway Cast Recording

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

A musical loosely based on the Melchior Lengyel story Ninotchka and the 1939 film adaptation it inspired. Nina Yaschenko is a Russian official sent to extract three officials from the pleasures of Paris. When she meets Steve Canfield, she is forced to succumb to the charms of a capitalistic life.

1. Overture
2. Too Bad
3. Paris Loves Lovers
4. Stereophonic Sound
5. It's a Chemical Reaction, That's All... All of You
6. Satin and Silk
7. Without Love
8. Hail Bibinski
9. As On Through the Seasons We Sail
10. Josephine
11. Siberia
12. Silk Stockings
13. The Red Blues
14. Finale
15. Bonus: All of You

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