Secret Garden - 1991 Original Broadway Cast Recording

Original 1991 Broadway Cast Recording

Music by Lucy Simon
Lyrics by Marsha Norman

When the orphaned Mary Lennox is sent to England to live with the Cravens. While there she helps bring life to a secret garden and the home with the help of Martha, a chambermaid, Dickon, a gardener and her cousin, Colin.

1. Opening
2. Scene: India
3. There's a Girl
4. Scene: The Library at Misselthwaite Manor
5. Scene: A Train Platform in Yorkshire
6. I Heard Someone Crying
7. Scene: Mary's Sitting Room / If I Had a Fine White Horse
8. A Girl in the Valley
9. Scene: The Ballroom
10. It's a Maze
11. Scene: The Greenhouse
12. Winter's on the Wing
13. Scene: The Edge of the Moor
14. Show Me the Key
15. Scene: Archibald's Library / A Bit of Earth
16. Storm I
17. Lily's Eyes
18. Storm II
19. Scene: Colin's Room
20. Round-Shouldered Man
21. Final Storm
22. The Girl I Mean to Be
23. The House Upon the Hill (transition) / Scene: Archibald's Dressing Room
24. Quartet / There's a Man (transition)
25. Race You to the Top of the Morning
26. Wick
27. Scene: Colin's Room
28. Come to My Garden / Life Me Up
29. Come Spirit, Come Charm
30. A Bit of Earth (reprise)
31. Scene: The Library / Scene: Mary's Room
32. Hold On
33. Letter Song
34. Where in the World
35. How Could I Ever Know
36. Finale

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