Producers - 2001 Original Broadway Cast Recording

Original 2001 Broadway Cast Recording

Music and Lyrics by Mel Brooks

Max Bialystock, a once great Broadway Producer grabs Bloom, his accountant, and attempts to produce the biggest flop possible. "Springtime for Hitler," their masterpiece turns out to be a smash, ruining all the plans they had for their success with a failure. The two are then sent off to Sing-sing, where they produce "Prisoners of Love," another smash flop and Bialystock and Bloom remarkably land on top.

1. Overture
2. Opening Night
3. The King of Broadway
4. We Can Do It
5. I Wanna Be a Producer
6. In Old Bavaria
7. De Guten Tag Hop-Clop
8. Keep it Gay
9. When You Got It, Flaunt It
10. Along Came Bialy
11. That Face
12. Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche Band?
13. Opening Night (Reprise)
14. You Never Say Good Luck On Opening Night
15. Springtime for Hitler
16. Where Did We Go Right?
17. Betrayed
18. 'Til Him
19. Prisoners of Love
20. Goodbye!

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