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Pamela Jane Gerrand - The Sound of the Dove

Artist: Pamela Jane Gerrand
Title:Sound of the Dove
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Pop/Folk

Track Listing:>
1. Prairie Sky 6:22
2. Unadorned 6:28
3. Enough Already 4:59
4. Let Go 5:15
5. The Buddha Smiles 5:37
6. The Sound of the Dove 6:27 
7. Shine 4:11
8. Scarborough Fair 5:44
9. Emerging 7:51
10. I'll Meet You There 5:31
11. Pearly Gates of Song 4:25

"You made me cry. In the best way…" Pamela has been teasing tears from the eyes of audience members since she began singing her original brand of poetic, passionate, soul pop over a decade ago. Finding the places where pain and joy collide, Gerrand kindles an unbridled connection to the hearts of listeners with her voice that has been described as 'angelic, powerful, soulful, soaring…'

Drawing inspiration from the greatest song crafters of all time such as Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Paula Cole, and Sarah McLachlan, Gerrand believes in the power of a song to become a touchpoint for deep connection, conversation and transformation.

Pamela has been making music since her kindergarten teacher noticed her passion for singing and encouraged the family to get her an instrument. She graduated from that first xylophone and ukelele to piano, and has been singing for most of her life, in genres ranging from broadway/operetta to country/folk, world/new age to pop/contemporary.

Pamela began her performance career as an actor/singer/dancer, working on stages coast to coast, including four seasons at the Stratford Festival. Over a decade ago, she released her first CD of original music and has toured internationally at festivals and forums in the U.K, U.S., Costa Rica and Sweden. Pamela is a passionate advocate for the environment and social justice, and delivers keynote talks and workshops combining a unique blend of her music, poetry and message.

She has had the honour of performing her original music at keynote talks given by Stephen Lewis, Margaret Trudeau, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Bruce Lipton, don Miguel Ruiz and Barbara Marx Hubbard. A recent Guthrie Award recipient, Pamela is working on a new CD that will be released in 2014, produced by Mark Lalama at Old Sumbler Road Studio in Fenwick, Ontario.


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