Meet Me in St. Louis - 1990 Broadway Cast Recording

Original 1990 Broadway Cast Recording

Music and Lyrics by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane

Meet Me in St. Louis is a musical based on the 1944 film of the same title, about a family living in St. Louis, Missouri on the eve of the 1904 World's Fair.

1. Overture & Meet Me in St. Louis
2. The Boy Next Door
3. Be Anything But a Girl
4. Skip to My Lou
5. Under the Bamboo Tree
6. Banjos
7. Ghosties and Ghoulies and Things That Go Bump in the Night & Halloween Ballet
8. Wasn't It Fun?
9. The Trolley Song
10. Entra'acte
11. Raving Beauty
12. A Touch of the Irish
13. You Are For Loving
14. A Day in New York
15. Irish Jig (The Ball)
16. Diamonds in the Starlight
17. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
18. Paging Mr. Sousa
19. Finale

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