Falsettoland - 1992 Cast Recording

Original 1992 Cast Recording

Music and Lyrics by William Finn

Following In Trousers and March of the Falsettos, it is the third in a trio of one-act musicals centering on Marvin, his wife Trina, his psychiatrist Mendel, his son Jason, and his gay lover Whizzer Brown. In this chapter of Marvin's life, Jason is preparing for his bar mitzvah and Whizzer is suffering from a mysterious, life-threatening, as yet undefined illness, which the audience recognizes is AIDS.

1. Falsettoland / About Time
2. Year of the Child
3. Miracle of Judaism
4. The Baseball Game
5. A Day in Falsettoland
6. Round Tables Square Tables
7. Everyone Hates His Parents
8. What More Can I Say
9. Something Bad Is Happening / More Racquetball
10. Holding to the Ground
11. Day Like This
12. Canceling the Bar Mitzvah
13. Unlikely Lovers
14. Another Miracle of Judaism
15. Something Bad is Happening Reprise
16. You Gotta Die Sometime
17. Jason's bar Mitzvah
18. What Would I Do?

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