Local 164 - Dreams From Belle County

Artist: Local 164
Title: Dreams From Belle County
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Country

Track Listing:
1. Going Down 3:37
2. Money to Burn 3:40
3. Just Because 3:16
4. Coming Home to You 3:35
5. You're Gonna Pay 3:57
6. Big Storm 3:33
7. Soul On Fire 3:20
8. Lonesome Coyote 3:27
9. Higher Ground 3:35
10. Work Union 4:00

Sweet harmonies, murder ballads, working class epics and lost highway blues. Local 164 play a brand of country music inspired by the great artists of the 20th century with a perspective wrought from the complexities of modern life.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Local 164 are fronted by singer/guitarist Gordon Bolan, with Jenny Young on banjo, Jason O'Brien on bass, Dave Chan on drums and mandolin and Ryan Barwin on pedal steel and dobro. They are gathering a solid and devoted following from a busy schedule of live shows in the southern Ontario area. From busking in the streets to bigger club shows, Local 164 are gathering a reputation as a solid and highly entertaining live act.

Their first album release, 'Dreams From Belle County' (2013) is an ode to a forgotten place where lost souls wander a strange and changing landscape searching for fulfillment, old loves, and fading dreams. Produced by Andrew Penner of Sunparlour Players, 'Dreams From Belle County' is a stunning debut that features lush harmonies, soaring pedal steel, and sweet electric guitars. It creates a world of dreams - some unfulfilled, some forgotten, some still yet to come. The people in this sometimes tragic, sometimes beautiful world are on a search for something missing, something bigger, something forgotten.

Jenny Young starred in the 2015 production of Christina The Girl King at the Stratford Festival.

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