Dan Stacey and The Black Swans - A 440

Artist: Dan Stacey and The Black Swans
Title: A 440
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Celtic Folk/Instrumental

Track Listing:
1. Goltrai/Golden Eagle Hornpipe/The Black Swan/The White Swan 7:14
2. Festus Burke/O'Carolan's Concerto 5:54
3. The Jolly Beggerman/The Rights of Man/Batt Henry's 4:01
4. March from the Bottom/Gone but not for Long 4:25
5. O'Carolan's Draught 5:08
6. The Slipped Wig 3:25
7. Wannabe Tinsmith/A 440 2:52
8. Monaghan Jig/Kitty lie Over/The Frost is all Over 4:03
9. Mr. O'Connor 4:57
10. My Buddy Beethoven/Snug in the Woods 3:22
11. Tribute to Carignan, Gilchrist and Townsend 10:05

Dan Stacey and The Black Swans album A 440 spans 3 centuries in 57 minutes.

Graham Hargrove (Stratford Festival musical core percussionist) sat down with Dan Stacey (fiddle, Step Dancing) at the Stratford Slow Food Market and the band was born. Dan knew the skills of Jake Charron (piano, guitar, banjo) and Kyle Waymouth (guitar, Step Dancing) from traveling within the same Canadian competition circuit.

A 440 uses centuries old techniques to create modern compositions. Dan's 9 originals demonstrate the sound of "Canadian Trad".

Alongside originals are 4 selections from 17th century harper Turlough O'Carolan's catalogue, deftly splicing Dan’s modern Canadian compositions to their Irish roots.

A 440’s fearless single is a 10 minute long tribute to three of Canada's great folk instrumentalists Jean Carignan, Donnie Gilchrist and Graham Townsend. Guest musicians include Matt MacIsaac, Caroline Lavelle (De Dannan and Loreena McKennitt), Steve McDade, Ian Harper, Jack Winn and Allistar "Zud" Gaskin.

Appearances include Stratford Summer Music, "A Celtic Celebration" with The Stratford Symphony Orchestra and a sold-out release party. A second Symphony Orchestra event including selections from A 440 charted for symphony is forthcoming.

Dan Stacey will also be performing on stage in the Stratford Festival's 2016 production of As You Like It.
A 440 is an aural lesson in the living history of Canada.

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