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Alex Ko - From Iowa to Broadway, My Billy Elliot Story


He could be a star for all we know
We don't know how far he can go
He could go and he could shine
Not just stay here counting time,
Son we've got the chance to let him live.

These are lyrics from Billy Elliot, the show that made young Alex Ko's incredible dream of performing come true. And just like the character of Billy, Alex beat all the odds to land the starting role in Billy Elliot on Broadway at age thirteen. This is his powerful true story. 

Alex's personal firsthand tale of his journey from small-town Iowa to New York City is passionate and moving. With extraordinary drive and rare tenacity, Alex makes the unthinkable real, determined to hold on to his dream of performing despite all that he had to overcome - his dad's death from cancer, financial struggles, countless auditions to finally land the part of Billy, only to suffer a crushing injury but ultimately making his triumphant return to the stage. Alex's inspiring story is an exciting exclusive look at the world of backstage Broadway, told through the eyes of a kid from Iowa fresh off the plane, without money or famous connections, who simply dared to dream big.


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