Timon of Athens - 2018 - DVD/Blu-Ray

"Captivating and Heartbreaking" - Broadway World

Timon's compulsive generosity makes him the most popular man in Athens - until his funds run out. Now embittered by ingratitude, what will he do when his city comes under attack? 

Convinced of the essential goodness of humanity, the wealthy nobleman Timon ignores all warnings that his reckless generosity can lead only to ruin and disillusionment. Finding himself bankrupt at last, Timon seeks financial assistance from the flattering “friends” on whom he has bestowed so many extravagant gifts and such lavish hospitality.

When all refuse him, he throws one last party – one that heralds a dramatic change in his attitude to the world.

Starring: Joseph Ziegler as Timon 

Includes bonus Behind the Scenes footage.

Format: DVD & Blu-Ray
Region: 0
Year: 2018
Genre: Drama, Shakespeare
Run Time: 138 minutes
Rating: Not Rated