As You Like It - 1983 - DVD

Considered one of Shakespeare’s greatest comedies, As You Like It is, on one level, a merry amusement, but on a deeper level, the characters discuss love, aging, the natural world, and death. Rosalind, the daughter of the banished Duke Senior, falls in love with Orlando, the disinherited son of one of the duke’s friends. When she is banished from court by her usurping uncle Duke Frederick, Rosalind disguises herself as Ganymede and travels with her loyal cousin Celia and the jester Touchstone to the Forest of Arden where her father and his friends live in exile. Orlando joins the outcasts and, seeing an opportunity to test his love, Rosalind engages him in a game of role-playing. By the play’s end, Rosalind marries her Orlando, and Celia and Orlando’s mean older brother Oliver are also wed. As Oliver becomes a kinder young man, so does Duke Frederick change his ways, and the exiled Duke Senior rules once again.

Filmed live on stage at the Stratford Festival for CBC Television.

Roberta Maxwell as Rosalind
Andrew Gillies as Orlando
Rosemary Dunsmore as Celia
Stephen Russell as Oliver
Graeme Campbell as Duke Frederick
William Needles as Duke Senior
Nicolas Pennell as Jaques

Director: John Hirsch (stage), Herbert Roland (film)

Format: DVD
Region: 0
Year: 1983
Genre: Comedy, Shakespeare
Run Time:156 min
Rating: N/A