As You Like It - 1963 - DVD

Love at first sight sets a long, comedic path for a pair of young nobles in this William Shakespeare classic. Rosalind, niece of a cruel, power-hungry duke, instantly falls for the brave and handsome Orlando de Boys. Orlando is struck by her beauty, but through the misdeeds of his brother Oliver, is forced to live in Arden Forest as a fugitive. Rosalind disguises herself as a man and follows Orlando in an effort to discover the depths of his love. Her playful courtship proves they are meant for each other, but the pair will have to find a way to overcome their exile before they can be wed.

Sir Laurence Olivier as Orlando
Elizabeth Bergner as Rosalind
Sophie Stewart as Celia
Henry Ainley as Duke Senior
Leon Quatermaine as Jacques
Felix Aylmer as Duke Frederick
John Laurie as Oliver

Director: Paul Czinner

Format: DVD
Year: 1963
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Run Time: 1hr 36min
Rating: Not Rated