Manga Shakespeare Series

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Manga Shakespeare is a series of critically acclaimed books featuring cutting-edge manga illustrations with the abridged original text from Shakespeare. Manga is a visual medium originating from Japan, used for popular communication and education, increasingly popular in the West.

Educational quality and adaptation
The Manga Shakespeare editorial team is led by a leading Shakespeare scholar and an educational editor. Advised by teachers and other educationalists, the team is expert in making serious works of literature more accessible.

Plays in the Manga Shakespeare series are abridged to allow teachers to focus on key scenes, while following Shakespeare's text.

Manga is a proven teaching tool:

  • It is widely used as an instruction medium in Japan
  • In the UK, use of manga and other new media has been endorsed by The Scottish Office NATE, The Reading Agency, and the Quality and Curriculum Authority in meeting the needs of students studying English
  • Manga uses 'sequential art' to tell stories and to stimulate ideas
  • Manga is popular with both girls and boys
  • Manga has a range of educational applications - both for students exploring complex ideas and for those challenged by conventional reading
  • Manga is a superb educational aid for learning English as a second language