Much Ado About Nothing - 1987 - DVD

Stratford Shakespeare Festival's 1987 production of Much Ado About Nothing features memorable perfomances from Tandy Cronyn as Beatrice and Richard Monette as Benedick.

One of Shakespeare’s later comedies, Much Ado About Nothing is the story of two very different sets of lovers: Beatrice and Benedick, and Claudio and Hero. Love, they say, is blind, and so it seems as misleading appearances, mistaken identities and deceptions both playful and perverse unfold. As Beatrice and Benedick wage a merry war of witty insults, the villainous Don John plots to destroy Hero’s and Claudio’s happiness. But the Don is thwarted by the redoubtable Dogberry, and though men were deceivers, true love eventually prevails, even it seems, over death itself.

Tandy Cronyn - Beatrice
Richard Monette - Benedick
Hero - Anna Louise Richardson
Claudio - Keith Thomas
William Hutt - Leonato
Edward Atienza - Don Pedro
Brent Carver - Don John

Directed By - Peter Moss
Music By - Louis Applebaum
Choreography By - John Broome
Television Direction By - Herbert Roland