Stratford Festival HD 2015 Film Series - 3-Pack Set (A&C, King John, & King Lear)

A Kingdom divided, a family destroyed, the faithful banished and the hateful left to wreak inhuman havoc in the realm. Four hundred years after it was written, King Lear resonates as never before. Starring the incomparable Colm Feore in the role of a lifetime. WINNER at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards, for Best Performing Arts Program!

When the rule of a hedonistic and mecurial king is questioned, rebellion, assassination and excommunication ensue, culminating in the chilling attempt to commit an atrocity against a child, whose mother's anguished grief cannot atone for her blinkered ambitions for her son. With commanding performances by Tom McCamus, Seana McKenna, Graham Abbey and Patricia Collins.

The steamy story of a midlife affair that shook the foundations of the ancient world comes to vivid life in the Stratford Festival's production of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, starring Geraint Wyn Davies and Yanna McIntosh as the powerful rulers whose insatiable love leads to the greatest of tragedies.

Please note: this film series does not include subtitles or closed captioning.